Force Dried Logs & Woodchip in Loch Lomond

Our Logs and Woodchip are force dried to below 20% moisture content guaranteeing superior low moisture content for better burn quality and value for money.

We sell the following sized bags of loose Sitka logs:

Prices negotiable depending on quantities and delivery distance.
Logs typically cut to 10 inch lengths and split 6 ways. Can be adjusted on request.

Lomond Wood Fuel

Ventilated “JUMBO” Bags
(40% bigger than builder tonne bags)

£60 (inc VAT)

Lomond Wood Fuel

Easy Move Ventilated Barrow Bags
(48cm x 48cm x 90cm plus Velcro keep dry flap)

£22 (inc VAT)

Lomond Wood Fuel

Small Ventilated Bag
(45cm x 60cm)

£6 (inc VAT)

Fantastic logs, value for money with a great local service, I would highly recommend Lomond Wood Fuel for logs.

G Hardie

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Are you buying logs from another source? Perhaps they tell you how they season their wood naturally? Do they use a moisture meter to inform you the moisture quality?

Understand this, the West of Scotland has high humidity, we all know that it rains a lot. Natural seasoning only goes so far before parity with ambient humidity restricts the drying process.
Use of Moisture Meters:-

Logs dry from the outside in, moisture meters insert the prongs into the outer layers of the wood. What do you think the moisture content is for the middle of your logs, the part that does not get measured? higher or lower than the outer areas? That’s right, naturally seasoned logs tend to be wetter in the middle and passable on the outside. Only force dried which is then audited by an independent body can assure you consistent moisture content quality.

Buying logs with higher moisture content is pointless and ends up costing you money. The energy from the drier parts of the wood is used to dry the wetter parts leaving less energy in the form of heat output.

If you want to know the exact science, just contact us and we will give you the links to all the research to explain what is to most common sense.